Shapeshifting, of course as her species name implies. However, she can only shapeshift into living objects, and she has to be currently viewing the thing in order to be able to shift  into them. She not only takes on their physical form, but their voice as well. If she turns into a person, luckily enough her clothing will also morph into said person’s clothing, making her disguise even more perfect. Also, she will not be able to maintain her disguise if she becomes injured. Her shapeshifting isn’t limited to just people, as she can also transform into animals. She is also extremely flexible, fast and agile so she can pretty much backflip out of a tree and land safely on her feet like a cat. She is an expert at maintaining a disguise without suspicion, as she has at least 1,000 years worth of practice.

Physical Appearance

Clarina has gray skin, dark blue eyes with no pupils that also glow in the dark, black hair, a half-shaven haircut the shaven side being on her right, a long diagonal scar on her face that goes from the left side of her forehead to the top of her right cheek, and a lanky build. She wears a black collar with spikes around it, a sleeveless brown shirt, an also sleeveless black jacket, baggy dark gray cargo pants, red fingerless gloves, and a pair of tough, steel-toe boots.


An abandoned house on the outskirts of the Slender Woods. Well, technically it’s not abandoned since she now lives in it. The house is all old and beat up, the paint peeling off the outside and all the windows are boarded up. The only sign that somebody lives there is the occasional smoke that comes up out of the chimney. The inside of the house isn’t much better. It’s dirty and dusty, and all the wallpaper is faded and peeling. Most of the furniture was left in the house, too. It took a long time, but after a while she finally got the electricity and plumbing working in the house again since it didn’t when she found the place. She doesn’t exactly like company, so she set up a bunch of deadly booby traps around the vincinity of the house to keep people out.


Her biggest hobby is pissing people off, Jeff being by far her favorite target. She often uses figures of speech when she talks, such as “It’s colder than a well-digger’s ass on the Klondike!”. She doesn’t have any friends, and isn’t looking forward to having any either. One, she likes her privacy. Two, she sees friends as just something else to worry about in life. According to her, less friends, less drama. She is normally laid back, and if you ask to her to do something for you, she’ll only do it “when or if she feels like it”. She is rude and wise-cracking, not afraid to speak her opinions about something.

Some Things She Would Say

“Aww sorry could you repeat that? Your breath was so bad it made my ears numb!”

“Sweet sarsaparilla what the hell is that?!”

“You want my help eh? You got your problems, I got mine. And this ain’t my problem, so you’re outta luck unless there’s something in it for me.”

“Well butter my ass and call me a biscuit, you actually managed to do it!”


  • Her doing whatever it takes for her to get what she wants isn’t out of the question.
  • She has a reputation for liking to break into the Slender Mansion for fun, using her shapeshifting ability to pull off pranks.
  • She is also known for stealing things from said mansion, especially food.
  • She once put all of Jeff’s white hoodies in a washing machine with a red shirt.
  • The scar on her face is from Jeff’s knife when he found about what she did to his hoodies.
  • She isn’t given to relying on others for support.
  • It is nearly impossible for her to feel any empathy towards anyone, no matter the situation. She just won’t care if the situation doesn’t involve her. She views it as “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. Yep, she’s an extreme sociopath.
  • The only weapon she ever carries around with her is a pocketknife with a leather handle that she can be seen sharpening on rocks.
  • She is known for being reclusive.
  • She dislikes authority, preferring to “be her own boss”.
  • Clarina doesn’t appear to be all too concerned about her species going extinct. She just sees Shapeshifters as just another pimple on the butt that is the world, not making much if at all difference if it goes away.
  • The reason her species is going extinct, is because ever since what seems like when man appeared (that's just an exaggeration. Nobody really knows how long ago it started) they were feared by people and hunted, said people believing them to be monsters, devils, etc. The people just didn't know what to make of them! They became afraid, and their first instinct was to eliminate the cause of their distress.
  • During the above mentioned shapeshifter massacre, Clarina's parents were among the ones slaughtered when she was around 223 years old, leaving her as an orphan. In shapeshifter lifetimes, 223 years is basically a kid way before their teens.
  • Having about 777 (111 more than 666 lel) years worth of fending for herself and traveling around the world has made her tough and fearless despite her lanky build.
  • Being by herself for that long has actually caused her to forget what her full name is. All she remembers is Clarina, her first name.
  • Whatever you do, DO NOT ask or talk to her about her parents, especially the death part. She'll go crazy. I mean, could YOU imagine being like seven years old or something and seeing your parents brutally slaughtered right in front of you, traumatizing you for life, making you a total asshole in the future?! Poor Clarina.