What He Does

He, like Slenderman, likes to stalk his victims before doing anything major. The people he is drawn by are those he considers to be... morally unjust (such as rapists, bullies and drug addicts.)

He stalks them for a whole to the point of his victim going into even further insanity, then dismembers them using his tentacles. He tears off their arms and legs as well as their head, then puts their organs into plastic baggies and hangs them on tree branches.


When being stalked by him, the symptoms are strikingly similar to that of common Slender Sickness. He is capable of creating proxies, but doesn't do it too often because he prefers to work alone. He posesses the common abilities of his species, such as teleportation and regenerating if hurt.


He is edgy and brooding, quick to let out snappy comments. He is stubborn and hardheaded, once he has his mind made up about something, good luck getting him to change it. Not surprisingly, he prefers to hide in forests when out hunting. He doesn't care very much for his brothers, and strays away from them whenever possible. He hates humanity, seeing them as the parasitic, lying, and just outright evil scum of the Earth. That the conclusion he had come to while watching the human race throughout history, and has taken if upon himself to pick out the particularly bad ones.


  • He is responsible for at least 392 disappearances each year.
  • He does not have a specific home, he just wanders like the drifter he is.
  • His favorite food is roadkill that he finds on highways.