Jill is a parody of the "Mary-Sue" _____ the Killer CP OCs. She is intended to be both a joke and an actual OC. I don't want this OC biography to seem cruel or anything, I just thought it would be fun to make her.

Some Basic Info

Full name: Jillian Nekoian

Species: ???

Gender: Female

Age: Seventeen

Physical Appearance

Jill has white skin, long black hair, red eyes with slitted black pupils, and blue cat ears as well as a blue cat tail with a white tip. She wears a red mask, a black collar with spikes on it, a black tank top with a red skull on it, a black skirt, fishnet pantyhose, fishnet pantyhose style gloves, and black combat boots.


Jill grew up in a rough neighborhood, and people always made of her for her cat ears and cat tail. Her parents weren't very nice to her either. One day she was playing out in the front yard, and a butterfly flew by. She squished it, and she discovered that she liked killing and that it made her feel better. So she practiced it more, starting with small things like bugs. But it got to the point where she wanted more, and started going for animals like rabbits too. It was like a drug, once she was on it she couldn't stop and wanted more and more. And eventually, she started going after people. She didn't want her parents to find out, so she kept her new hobby a secret. She lured people into secluded areas and killed them there, making it look like an accident had happened. But that still wasn't enough. She eventually turned on her parents and killed them, as well as everybody in her neighborhood. After that she ran away and has been killing people ever since.

Current Residence

During her travels, she eventually found the Creepypasta Mansion and now lives there (I am a huge supporter of the CP characters living together in that mansion BTW X3)


Jill is a crazy, sadistic, stabby-stabby person. She is usually in a good mood, but that can be very quickly changed by her bipolar disorder. She is a prankster, and can be very unstable at times. She tends to be sarcastic, and is generally pretty trustworthy unless she suddenly decides to attack you.


  • She is the girlfriend of Jeff the Killer, but they often fight. Other than that they have a loving relationship.
  • Her weapon is a sword.
  • Her favorite food is tuna.
  • She can see in the dark.