Physical Appearance

She has short wavy platinum blonde hair, huge shiny brown eyes (just eye in this case) tanned skin, and a curvaceous build.   She wears a tan sleeveless shirt, olive-colored khakis, knee-high hiking boots, a white and black bow in her hair, and around her neck is a red bandana. It was originally white before she started soaking it in the blood of her victims. Sometimes after a soaking, the blood will run down her neck since it isn’t dry yet. She also likes to use said blood to dye the hair in front of her ears. She also wears a gray bead necklace with a star charm on it, which she received from her grandmother when she was five. On her face she has a white eyepatch, a bandage on her nose, and a white square shaped bandage on her left cheek. They are from the fact that she occasionally attacks herself, once she even knocked out an eye when she was seventeen. Her right eye to be exact.


She is very… uh… interesting. As for the personality part, she has tons of it, and not all of it is good, either. In a way, she is your stereotypical run-of-the-mill psycho killer. She is EXTREMELY unstable, being far from predictable. She not only enjoys inflicting pain on other people, but on herself as well. She just finds pain to be hilarious and soothing. She is also notable for having wild personality  shifts, meaning she has dissociative identity disorder, a really bad case of it. It seems to change each day, like yesterday she’s a happy and cheerful person, the next she’s a grouch. No matter what personality she is having, she will always occasionally go into violent episodes. Sometimes she has them if reminded of something she doesn’t like to remember, but more often they’re just random. She talks to herself. A LOT. She actually has this really weird conversations, like LITERALLY talking with herself. Like this: “Hello me. How are you? Oh I’m fine thanks. Hey beautiful. Oh stop it! YOU’RE the beautiful one!” She is aware of her insanity, and proudly embraces it. She feels as if it keeps her from being bound by the restraints of normalcy, and it makes her feel free,  as if she’s walking on air.


She has several mental disorders other than the personality one. She has a paranoid disorder, and hears nonexistent things. She will hear you say something you didn’t, or believes nonliving objects are talking to her. Now… about the most likely causes of her… “issues”. She’s always had a problem with paranoia, but the exact reason for her being the way she is isn’t quite known in detail. However, she occasionally shows hints of having a  tragic past, as she shows symptoms of victims of abuse, neglect, demoralization and depression. It can be assumed that she suffered these from a family member, (most likely a parent), but no direct cause has been discovered. One thing that is known, is that she is responsible for the deaths of her family and has been on her own since then.


  • She only attacks herself during her psychotic episodes, because it helps comfort her..
  • Her art was made with the rinmaru mega anime avatar creator.
  • Never, EVER ask her about her past. If you do, she will freak out and most likely kill you.
  • Her theme song is iNSaNiTY, a popular Vocaloid song. This is a link to it.
  • The main reason she kills people, is because it brings her comfort. Because she finds great joy in it, it helps her forget her past.
  • It doesn’t matter where she seeks pain for comfort, be it people or herself.
  • The more brutal the kills, the better.
  • Due to her paranoia, she trusts NO ONE whatsoever, or anything for that matter.
  • If she even suspects something of being a threat to her, she will begin attacking it.
  • She defines insanity as just the way she looks at the world, her mind’s different perception of it. She believes it is the thing that “sets her free”. She says that sanity doesn’t exist. We are all insane. Just some are worse than others. We all have some insanity inside us.
  • Her eye often twitches.
  • In order to avoid being caught and locked away by the authorities, she hides in the Slender Woods. That gives you one more thing to worry about besides Slenderman.
  • This doesn’t necessarily  mean you will die if you  meet her, just that there is a good chance she randomly will.
  • She has shown that she has guilt for murdering her family. Rarely during an episode, she may bend over clutching her head and wail, yelling that she’s sorry and that she couldn’t help it.
  • She appears to have a liking for raw sugar.