Basic information

Name: Medpy *pronounced as Med/pie* (her name used to be Katelyn)

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, but was fifteen when she became a proxy.

Sexuality: Asexual

Species: Human/Proxy

Occupation: Medic and spy

Mark: The Operator Symbol

Status: Alive

Physical Appearance

Medpy has short, wavy auburn hair, gray eyes (or eye, as her right one is missing), a light tan, and a lean build. She wears a germ mask, a white eyepatch over her right eye socket, a pair of goggles that are always propped up on her head, a red bandana around her neck, a blank dogtag necklace, a brown with black trim jacket with a buckled strap over it, gray khakis, and dull brown loafers.


Medpy is calm and mellow, almost always appearing to be outright emotionless. She is passive and nonchalant when it comes to just about everything except her work, apparently having no significant mutual feelings towards anything or anyone. She isn't mean or anything, just... creepy. She very rarely speaks, but when she does her voice is soft, and she speaks in a seemingly monotone manner.

Likes: Her master Slenderman (in a respectful way), performing medical procedures, and spying.

Dislikes: When people don't let her operate on them, and when she fails at her assignments.

Powers and abilities

Being very good at medical arts, and being able to sneak like a ninja.

Reasons for being chosen by the Slender Man

She was apparently chosen for being stealthy, and for having excellent medical skills.


That is unknown.

Type of work she does for the Slender Man

She serves as a local medic, and acts as a spy for Slender Man. She is mainly a medic for the other proxies, as their master can't be there to heal them every time one of them gets severely injured and requires medical attention. She will also provide medical care to the other CPs, albeit reluctantly because she was originally made to treat the other proxies. She is able to balance being both a spy and a medic, even having a schedule of when she's available to give medical assistance.


As a medic, she makes operations quick and painful just to get it over with. She does not use pain-killers, as she claims they just make the medical procedures take more time, and that pain is a small price to pay for being healed.

As a spy, she doesn't exactly hide. Instead, she acts as something that someone keeps seeing out of the corner of their eye, but when they look they see nothing.

Weapons she uses

Her medical tools include a hacksaw, a scalpel, a bone chisel, a pair of forceps, several rolls of bandage gauze, a bottle of alcohol, a pair of medical scissors, a surgical hook, and a towel clamp.

If she ever has to defend herself, she has an iconic pair of silver ninja knives.

Relationships with other Creepypasta characters

They don't really interact with her much, in fact they try to avoid her as much as possible.


  • Medpy's name is a cross between the two jobs that she has- medic and spy.
  • Her artwork was created with the Rinmaru mega anime avatar creator.
  • As per the popular idea among the fandom of the CP characters living in the Slender Mansion, Medpy is among them. She technically has two rooms; one is her bedroom, the other is her medical operating room.
  • She has occasionally had to use her ninja knives in surgical operations.